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SCOTT LEE, Founder and CEO of and Gooroo, an Edtech Startup

Major: SEAS

College/Employer: Columbia

Year of Graduation: 2014

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An innate entrepreneur, Scott founded a nonprofit English volunteering platform during high school, connecting more than 7,000 English tutors with underprivileged children. He also co-founded a niche online fashion retailer Mud Cafe while he was majoring in Engineering Management Systems at Columbia University, which led to over 60,000 USD in profit. Previously, Scott served as a sergeant and squad leader in the Republic of Korea Army, where he received a medal of commendation for excellence in leadership and dedication to the Army. Upon graduation, he was working as a senior analyst at Chief Investment Office in JPMorgan Chase to hone his skills in finance only to return a year after to his true passion: entrepreneurship.

Scott lives in the Upper West Side and enjoys singing rock music, competitive running, and scuba diving.

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X520: Entrepreneurship journey: how to develop an idea into a startup in Splash Spring 2017 (Mar. 25, 2017)
I will share with you some of the lessons I've learned during my entrepreneurship journey. I'll present a big picture of how we first came up with an idea, recruited a team, and started building our app. Some topics you might be interested in: - Market researtch: strategic planning of your product or service - The process of how we went from the inception of idea to a product in the market - The internship/job opportunities that we have available