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What is Columbia Splash?

Columbia Splash is an educational outreach program that draws over 500 8th -12th graders to Columbia’s campus to take classes taught by some 100 Columbia undergraduates, graduate students and other community members. This one-day, semesterly event seeks to foster excitement for learning in young students by immersing them in crash course-style classes. Course material at Splash bridges academic, artistic, and cultural domains to include classes on subjects as far-reaching as Taiko, a Japanese drumming art, and Galois theory.

Splash classes are exciting, challenging and often cover content areas with which students may have little or no experience. Our teachers are volunteers who are passionate about what they choose to teach during Splash, so they put a lot of thought and energy into creating lessons that explain advanced topics in accessible but rigorous ways. Students of all academic backgrounds are welcome at Splash!

By teaching one or more classes at Splash, teachers have the opportunity to share what they are passionate about – be it an academic or personal interest – and gain teaching experience at the same time. Past teachers have shared that they return each semester because Splash students are so enthusiastic to learn!

Columbia Splash is a program managed entirely by student volunteers, and we need you to make it happen!