Welcome to Columbia University Educational Studies Program!

Spring Splash 2018 will be held on Saturday, March 31st! Check-In and Lunch will be at Pupin Plaza.

What is Columbia Splash?

Splash is a program that brings high school students from all over to Columbia University for a day of unlimited learning. Classes are taught by Columbia undergraduate students, graduate students, and other community members.

The ultimate goal of Columbia Splash is to foster excitement for teaching and learning. Students will be able to learn about topics that aren't normally taught in a high school setting, which may even lead to discoveries of a new passion.

By participating in Columbia Splash, teachers have the opportunity to share their knowledge about something they love to a great audience. This is an ideal way for you to confirm what you know about your field while giving back to your community. As a Splash teacher, you will be able to teach virtually anything for a one hour class. Your class will take place on Columbia's historical campus in anywhere from a small seminar room to a massive lecture hall.

Columbia Splash is a program run entirely by volunteers and we need you to make it happen! Check out our Facebook or our Twitter!