Teacher Sign Up

Teacher Registration for Splash Spring 2023 is Open:

If you are a student, please go to the top and click the LEARN tab to register as a student or click here:

Splash Teachers: 

This semester, Splash is being held on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Teachers can register here. Please remember to register your class as well:


The deadline to register is January 16th, 2023.

If you want some ideas of past classes, check out our past catalogs, which can be found here: https://columbia.learningu.org/teach/ideas.html

A few notes about teaching:

  • You can teach about anything you want, so long as the material is appropriate
  • You can choose to teach a certain age group if you would like (ex: teaching only seniors)
  • Your lessons should be 50 or 110 minutes long
  • You can choose how many students can sign up for your class 
  • You can choose the time to teach and we will try our best to accommodate you
  • We do require that you attend a half hour training and orientation session prior to March 20th
  • Background Checks will be required for all teachers

Please feel free to reach out to us at columbia.splash@gmail.com with any questions!

- The Columbia University Educational Outreach Team

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