CUEO Tides

Tides is a 4-week Columbia University Educational Outreach program, running Sundays 12 PM - 3 PM EDT from February 7th through February 28th. This is a great opportunity to teach a long form version of classes usually taught at Splash.

We're excited to be holding a virtual version of Tides that we hope will provide a fulfilling educational experience in an uncertain time.

We're looking for teachers (50 minutes on Sundays, 4 weekend commitment) eager to share their passions with students who may have had little chance to explore subjects outside of a traditional classroom format. We also strongly encourage co-teaching with a friend or with colleagues!

Submit an application to teach a Tides class by January 21 using this form

Teachers, Please check your schedules and information here: https://columbia.learningu.org/teach/register.html

Here are some ideas from past classes: https://columbia.learningu.org/teach/ideas.html

Please note that all our teachers are volunteers and we don't provide monetary compensation. If you have questions or comments about Tides, email us at cueo@columbia.edu!

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