1. What?

Columbia University Educational Outreach is a program that involves classes taught by college students, available to all highs school students to enroll. The subjects range from Math to the Humanities, and specialize in specific sub genres. Indulge in your inner nerd and take classes in subjects that have always piqued your interest. Explore your passions alongside peers! Teachers will not only be lecturing on their class subjects, but will also be available for questions about general college life and beyond. This is more than just an academic experience-- it's for YOU to explore what college life actually means.

2. Who?

You, of course! Along with fellow high school students and the university community. The teachers: ALL have either attended or are attending college. The students: High school students one and all are invited to join us at this spectacular event. If you are in grade nine through twelve-- you're as good as in! Come meet fascinating peers from around the tri-state area, all while enjoying the beautiful Columbia campus.

3. When?
CUEO Splash will be happening in April. Stay tuned for more information

4. Where?

For Spring 2023, our events will be held in-person. Stay tuned for more information!

5. Why?

Because it's fun. For both teachers and students. It's truly an amazing experience where you'll learn new things, meet new people, and immerse yourself in a completely different world if only for one day.

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