Information for Parents

Information for Parents

General Program Info

Columbia Splash is a non profit organization comprised of volunteer teachers. Each one of these teachers shares a passion for teaching, for learning, and for giving back to their community. The majority of teachers participating are Columbia undergraduate students who have found time to volunteer for something they find important.


The goal of this program is to enrich a high schooler's education with relevant higher level knowledge. Because high schools follow a very specific curriculum, rarely do students get to explore their passions. We hope to help amend this problem with Columbia Splash.


At Columbia Splash, your child will be able to take classes taught by spectacular teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The teachers have also been instructed to answer any and all questions about college life or the career path that follows studying their class subject. Columbia Splash aims to broaden your child's perspective, and we do that with the help of our amazing, wonderful teachers.


All Students must have a signed waiver to participate in Splash. Please print the waiver, fill it out and have your Student bring it with them to Splash! WAIVER

Timeline of Columbia Splash

You and your child will come to the check in table at least thirty minutes before their first class. There, the volunteers will provide your child with a map of the relevant building and course information. An admission fee of twenty-five dollars will be collected at the check in table. If you or your child has any questions, the volunteers should be able to answer them adequately.


Afterwards, your child will go to his or her first class. Parents are generally not permitted to sit in on the class with the child, but exceptions can be made if the Columbia Splash team is contacted ahead of time. Parents can either escort children to and from their classes or pick them up at the end of the day. Columbia's campus is incredibly safe and, accompanied with the map provided, students should be more than equipped to find their classes. As an extra, we will have signs around Columbia and inside the respective buildings pointing to the correct classrooms. At 6 PM or after their last class, children are expected to be picked up by their parents. Columbia Splash will only supervise children during and inside class. Although Columbia's campus is exceptionally safe and secure, it is highly recommended parents pick up their children immediately after their last class.


Reason for Admission Fee

Although we are a non profit volunteer organization, we do require an admission fee. This is to cover the costs required to run a special event such as Columbia Splash.


The money primarily goes towards insurance, room rentals, and materials. Other costs include food, table cloths, signs, name tags, and other items. Admission is $25. This will be collected at the beginning of the program when your child checks in. This must be in cash only. The registration fee can also be paid online through credit card. There will be a financial aid option for qualifying families. For more information, please contact the Columbia Splash team.


Any other questions can be directed at the Columbia Splash team at .


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