Information for Parents

Information for Parents

General Program Info

Columbia University Educational Outreach is a non profit organization comprised of volunteer teachers. Each one of these teachers shares a passion for teaching, for learning, and for giving back to their community. The majority of teachers participating are Columbia undergraduate students who have found time to volunteer for something they find important.

Our program is completely run by Columbia students in hopes of enriching your children's learning experiences. 

The goal of this program is to enrich a high schooler's education with relevant higher level knowledge. Because high schools follow a very specific curriculum, rarely do students get to explore their passions. We hope to help amend this problem with Columbia Splash.


At Columbia Tides and Splash, your child will be able to take classes taught by spectacular teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The teachers have also been instructed to answer any and all questions about college life or the career path that follows studying their class subject. Columbia Splash aims to broaden your child's perspective, and we do that with the help of our amazing, wonderful teachers.

Any other questions can be directed at the Columbia University Educational Outreach team at .


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