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Columbia Splash

Columbia Splash is our one day event hosting over 300 students to take classes taught by over 50 Columbia students and alumni. 

High school students get to take 50-minute classes taught by undergrads, graduates, and alumni from Columbia. Course material at CUEO bridges academic, artistic, and cultural domains to include classes on subjects as far-reaching as Taiko, a Japanese drumming art, to the special relativity. We’ve had classes ranging from Data Science to the neuroscience of addiction to politics. Teachers are here to foster excitement for learning in young students by immersing them in these crash course-style classes.

This semester, Splash will happen in-person on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023.

Thank you for teaching!

Check out our past catalogs, which can be found here: https://columbia.learningu.org/teach/ideas.html

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