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ROSEMARY TOROLA, Columbia SEAS freshman Computer Science Major

Major: computer science

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Rosie is a freshman at Columbia School of Engineering studying Computer Science. On campus she is involved in Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, 180 Degrees Consulting, and EcoReps.
Outside of school, Rosie enjoys outdoor activities, art, reading, and hanging out with her friends.

Past Classes

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S446: Technology and Urban Sustainability in Splash Fall 2016 (Nov. 05, 2016)
Combining two prominent and rapidly developing fields, this course will focus on the intersections between technology and the environment. The lecture will explore advances that induce societies to progress towards sustainable living. Students will be exposed to local organizations that promote environmental responsibility, green communities around the globe, and cutting-edge technology that enable these changes.