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YI QU, aspiring engineer and/or abyssopelagic sea-dweller

Major: Biomedical Engineering

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Just like the world's oceans, the vast majority of Yi Qu's life still remains unexplored and uncharted.

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X968: The Worlds of Color in Tides Spring 2021 (Feb. 07, 2021)
How do we understand color? The ubiquity of color within our world can obscure the rich chemistry, history, linguistic determinism, and environmental consequences surrounding our interactions with color. Why are there no true blue animals and only one class of true blue plants? Why don't color printers use the three primary colors red, yellow, and blue? How does language affect our ability to discern different shades of red? What are the environmental consequences associated with synthetically producing colors? How does the natural world inform our pigment manufacturing processes? Find out in this four-part lecture series as we explore the worlds of color and the ways in which these worlds both transform and are transformed by us.