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MICHAEL HAHN, Scientist in the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory

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College/Employer: Columbia University

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I am a scientist working in the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory at Columbia University. The objective of my research is to understand fundamental questions concerning the physics of the Sun and the solar wind through a combination of solar observations and laboratory studies in plasma and atomic physics.

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S175: The Sun Exposed in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 05, 2014)
The Sun is our nearest star and the only one we can see up close. The Sun also affects the Earth in diverse ways, from causing aurorae to influencing climate. In this class we will discuss some aspects of the Sun including the solar cycle, sunspots, the corona, solar flares, and space weather. Because the Sun is so important, many telescopes observe the Sun daily. We will look at some of these recent images of the Sun in order to understand what the Sun is doing today.