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JULIA PARSLEY, Columbia sophomore in organic and biochemistry

Major: Biochemistry

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Julia Parsley is a sophomore Rabi Scholar (research fellow) in Columbia College majoring in biochemistry, with a focus on organic chemistry.
She has been working in the Cornish lab for the past year and has her own individual research project. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal.
So far, Julia has taken 18.5 credits of organic chemistry classes.

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S887: Hybridization and Molecular Orbital Theory in Splash Fall 2019 (Oct. 27, 2019)
Why are molecules shaped the way they are? Why do reactions happen the way they happen? How do chemists predict the products of a reaction? And can you? With this course, you can and will. Molecular Orbital Theory is a major premise of organic chemistry, and can be used to explain and predict the products of numerous organic reactions. Take this course and dive into the beauty and incredibility that is the chemical bond.