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ETHAN FENG, Columbia sophomore & aspiring chemistry researcher

Major: Chemistry & Philosophy

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Ethan is a chemistry major who is also fascinated by deep philosophical questions on the side. He is passionate about helping those who are in the shoes of his former self. Ethan currently works in the Gonzalez lab at Columbia, studying ribosomes and the mechanisms of protein synthesis in cells. Previously, he researched catalytic platinum nanoparticles that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After graduating from Columbia, Ethan hopes to pursue a PhD in chemistry and to work in academia. When he's not working, you can find him raving about how much he loves avocados!

Past Classes

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S969: Nanoparticles: Their Unique Properties & Applications in Tides Spring 2021 (Feb. 07, 2021)
Nanoparticles are seen throughout sci-fi and pop culture. But what do scientists actually use them for, and what makes them so special? In this class, we will introduce the basic principles of nanoparticles and see how they are synthesized in research settings. Then, we will examine a few fascinating properties that only emerge when objects become extremely small. Finally, we will explore some of the modern applications of nanoparticles, particularly from a chemical engineering perspective, ranging from biomedical imaging to fighting climate change.