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ERRDAISHA FLOYD, Aspiring teacher of Social Studies/History

Major: Sociology and Education

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2022

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I am currently a Junior at Columbia studying Sociology and Education. I plan to teach middle school social studies after I graduate in 2022. I am a prison abolitionist (ask me what this means) and have been organizing for several years now. I love teaching and facilitating liberation, to freedom!

Past Classes

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X938: Defund the Police Seminar in Splash Fall 2020 (Nov. 07, 2020)
During this seminar, we will explore exactly what the demand “Defund the Police” means, envision what a world without police could look like, and devise practicals steps to take to to defund police in our communities. Similar to a crash course in prison abolition, students will leave with a historical analysis of policing and critical analysis of the movement to abolish policing. -----------------------------Disclaimer: Please note that this class does not represent the views of Columbia University or Columbia University Educational Outreach.

X913: The Murder of George Floyd and the History of Policing in Tides Fall 2020 (Oct. 04, 2020)
This course will closely follow the curriculum guide produced by Education Liberation in Minneapolis in coordination with the "Enough is Enough" Police Report from MPD150. We will examine the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests against policing through the lens of activists and community organizers on the ground. First, we will examine where we have been, exploring the general historical context of the United States and the local historical context of Minneapolis. We will then examine the contemporary relationship between Minneapolis residents and the police. We will end looking toward the future and deal with the question of defunding the police.