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DANIELA LOPEZ-SALCEDO, Columbia University freshman studying Biochemistry

Major: Biochem.

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2016

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A very international, multi-cultural being
-Born in Bogota, Colombia
-Grew up in Naples, FL, USA
-Spent Junior year of high school studying abroad in Beijing, China

Interested in the sciences, for the purpose of understanding and bettering the world around us, but also in other cultures so that we can communicate ideas and better come to understand humanity outside of our western values.

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X96: Knowing Your Options: Funding What You Love to Build Up Your Resume in Splash Spring 2013 (Mar. 30, 2013)
Why wait to do the things you've always dreamt of doing? Take advantage of your time and do what you want- travel the world, go on all-paid for trips, bond with nature, enjoy yourself in a summer camp, etc.! Truth is, there's lots of options available for high school students, and money should never be a discouraging factor given the various financial options usually available (e.g. scholarships). Furthermore, you can use these events to help build up your resume, so that it's a win-win situation. Come hear about your various options available through my own experiences studying abroad and going to summer camps for free, and all the things I wish I'd known as a high schooler.