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Major: History and Spanish

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2022

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H971: Black Music and the Art of Resistance in Tides Spring 2021 (Feb. 07, 2021)
This class delves into the topic of Black music not simply as a tool for entertainment, but also as a tool of protest and social change. This class will have a global approach: starting from early Black American music (spirituals and gospel) all the way to soul, reggae, early Afrobeats, early Hip-Hop, drill, contemporary global rap, and more. Artists mentioned will range from Nina Simone to Peter Tosh to Burna Boy to Megan thee Stallion, to name a small few. Along with the general histories underlying different Black genres, we will go through some essential topics concerning Black music and resistance. Why is music so central to Black resistance movements? Are Black people allowed the privilege of making apolitical music? Why is Black music around the world so often perceived as a social threat? How has "resistant" Black music been used as a tool to demonize Black people? And more. It should be said that this is a class that centers Black history and the Black experience.