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Major: Mathematics and Music

College/Employer: University of Chicago

Year of Graduation: 2014

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S88: The Acoustics of Sound in Splash Spring 2013 (Mar. 30, 2013)
How does sound work? All the sounds that you encounter in everyday life - such as a car horn, the barking of a dog, or your favorite song - are produced by invisible waves that travel through the air at high speeds. In this class, we will examine what makes certain sounds appear to be so different from others, and why some sounds appear to be musical while others do not. We will also learn why musical intervals such as an octave or perfect fifth sound pleasant while intervals such as a minor second sound unpleasant.

H89: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number? An Introduction to Utilitarianism in Splash Spring 2013 (Mar. 30, 2013)
How does one determine right from wrong? Two centuries ago, the philosopher Jeremy Bentham proposed a solution: an action is considered good if the pleasure that it produces outweighs the pain. In this class, we will examine this theory, known as utilitarianism, and debate whether it is possible to quantify pleasure and pain in the manner that Bentham and others proposed. We will also examine some criticisms of utilitarianism in order to arrive at our conclusion about how to determine right from wrong.