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MEGAN RODRIGUEZ, Columbia University Junior

Major: Political Science, Pre-Law

College/Employer: Columbia University

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Megan Rodriguez is a junior in Columbia College studying Political Science on a pre-law track. She hopes to one day go to law school and/or pursue a graduate degree in political theory.

Megan is very concerned with making the world a more equitable place for every single person who lives in it, regardless of where they come from, what identities they may have, and their life circumstances. The world and the people in it are very interesting and there is a lot of good around us, so Megan hopes to teach others (as well as herself) to see this goodness and hold on to the hope of a better future for us all!

Past Classes

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X933: Public Speaking 101 in Splash Fall 2020 (Nov. 07, 2020)
Do you feel a pit in your stomach whenever it's your turn to present in front of class? Does your face get all red and your hands start to shake? Do you stammer over your words? Does speaking off the cuff without notes inspire terror in your heart? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course might be right for you! What you have to say about things is incredibly important, but nerves often hold us back from speaking up in certain settings. Stage fright is a very real and terrifying thing, so this course aims to help participants learn the basics of public speaking so that they leave with a strengthened ability to express themselves and their ideas in front of audiences of all sizes! In our work together, we'll explore reasons why we get stage fright and how to alleviate those worries. We'll also go through and practice strategies that help speakers project their voices, articulate their words, move with intention, and speak dynamically and engagingly. No experience in public speaking is necessary (this is a 101 course!), but be prepared to work in small groups, speak aloud, and most importantly - be open to trying things that might make you uncomfortable at first, but could help you so much in the long run!

H934: Thoughts to Change the World: "Radical" Political Theory in Splash Fall 2020 (Nov. 07, 2020)
How do you think our world should look? Do you feel distressed about the current state of the world? Is social justice something you think a lot about? Do you like envisioning possible new way of doing things in our society? If so, this course might be a great fit for you! ----- Living within the status quo of how the world works is something that is now more than ever being called into question by young people in this country. Our generation is calling for drastic change and a restructuring of how things "have always been done", and the intensity of these demands are growing. This course will attempt to critically engage with the world we live in, the thoughts that we have always been taught to embrace, and will encourage participants to come up with new ideas for how our world could/should look. ----- In our session we will be talking about issues relating to race, gender, class, the environment, economics, and how these topics all intersect. No experience at all in politics, history, or the above topics is necessary, but be ready and open to learning new things and having really great conversations about the world that we live in!--------------Disclaimer: Please note that this class does not represent the views of Columbia University or Columbia University Educational Outreach.