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GENEVIEVE GRIFFIN, Game Designer, gamification of transitions

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College/Employer: President, Small Steps Go Places Inc.

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I am the President of Small Steps Go Places Inc. Going to college is an exciting and complicated transition for students, and their families. Defining what the transition means, and what will probably be challenging, puts you in a great position to realistically transition successfully.

I came from a rural childhood to become a first generation student in a very large state university. I spent a lot of time trying to keep my head above water, and never truly learned how to swim. If I had used OPTION PLAY I could have spent more time on the solution and less on trying to define the issue.

I did my undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Michigan. Our children are all college-aged. I moved to NYC in 1992 after living in various parts of New York state, Washington DC, and Connecticut. Currently, I am a busy entrepreneur, parent, wife, dog-owner, and grateful human being.

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A620: When You Build It Will It Play? in Splash Spring 18 (Mar. 31, 2018)
You are going to be a member of a team, and this team will design a game. I will describe a problem, tell you how the success of the game will be judged, who your audience will be, and provide a few props. If enough people enroll there will be two teams and bit of competition.

W621: Are You Going to College? Play OPTION PLAY in Splash Spring 18 (Mar. 31, 2018)
Are you a 12th grader headed to college this fall? Congratulations! You worked hard to get in, and now going will become real. You are so lucky because you can play OPTION PLAY, and get a glimpse of what will probably happen while you at college. Will you have the most points at the end of the round? Can you sell your idea of how to deal with the scenarios?

W622: Get Started Early -- Play a Game in Splash Spring 18 (Mar. 31, 2018)
Are you an 11th grader in the midst of taking tests and trying to figure out which colleges you should look at? Take a moment and play a game! OPTION PLAY has scenarios based on situations that college freshman are actually having. You are not going to college yet so it is all a fun, competitive game. And, you will have something to talk about with the 12th graders in your life.

A587: If You Build It, Will They Play? in Splash Fall 2017 (Nov. 04, 2017)
This is a competition of sorts. I give you general steps to game design and form teams based on who attends. Then, I give you a problem to solve and the audience for whom you are designing the game. Your team designs the game (Section 1) Your team presents the results (Section 2)

W588: Play OPTION PLAY in Splash Fall 2017 (Nov. 04, 2017)
OPTION PLAY is a card game that helps players transition to college, but can also be a tool for players to learn about social cues and tolerance.

X471: Conquer College Transition in Splash Spring 2017 (Mar. 25, 2017)
Are you looking for a break from essays, tests, and applications? Play OPTION PLAY and have fun figuring out what you might do if... After playing a round or two we will put a few scenarios under the microscope, and you will leave feeling in charge, amused, and full of strategies to conquer the transition to college.